Workshop 3
AgEstimation project

Roberto Cameriere, University of Macherata

Ivan Galić, University of Split

Age estimation is one of the most important problems both in forensic and anthropology matters. Teeth are the body parts most commonly used for age determination. The apposition of secondary dentine has been particularly used, especially in recent years. Previous studies have focused on the use of canines. The workshop will explain the techniques of the AgEstimation project and the results obtained. All methods based on the use of teeth will be illustrated. Participants will have the opportunity to evaluate both the techniques for assessing age in children by studying the open apices of the lower teeth. The probability to know if a subject is or not 18 years old by third molar, and finally, the study of the relationship between the pulp and apex of the canine in adults. The work shop will be prodromal for subsequent practical meetings.


The University of Dubrovnik
Ul. branitelja Dubrovnika 41
20000, Dubrovnik CROATIA



Technical organizer
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University of Zagreb, School of Dental Medicine
Croatian Association of Forensic Stomatologists