Workshop 6
How to write and publish articles in forensic odontology

Vilma Pinchi, Francesco Pradella & Ilenia Bianchi 

University of Florence

Forensic odontology is a vast discipline that extends beyond the core activieties of body identification, DVI, dental age estimation and bitemark, to include dental traumas connected with crimes ( domestic violence, torture, etc) up to legislation , ethics and medico-legal issues in dentistry. Therefore the research in forensic odontology can encompass qualitative and quantitive research, experimental or test studies , case reports, but also comments on laws, judge’s sentences or ethical issues. A succesful publishing of studies is vital for researchers, especially when coming from an academic environment. Very few internationl journals are exclusively dedicated to forensic odontology, which has indeed a section or is one of the publishing topics in other journals. The main ranking indexes for the most relevant journals that deal with forensic odontology will be discussed. The most critical issues connected with submission, revision and editing processes will be discussed in order to provide some hints to submitters. A preliminary correct selection of the journals possibly interested to publish the research, should steer the article preparing and might represent the keypoint of the fateful acceptation of the submission. The revision comments should be the best chance to improve researches, but when the process looms extremely hard for both sides, editor/reviewers and authors, the key -question is if it is worth. The success of a published article in indexed journals rests on citations that measure the spreading among the scientific community, hence the title and keywords should be correctly focused.


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